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Friday, June 29, 2012Y
~*communicasia expo: 2nd day*~

Started Day 2 with legs aching and fullness from the scrumptious breakfast at RISE again. As many booths as there are as Day 1, today we had to cover the 2nd and 5th floors today but in a more relaxing mode cause the rest of the people were all in some 'Cloud' Forum in 4th floor so the three musketeers (me, jack and francis) toured the booths (taking freebies, brochures, etc).
*with evander holyfield - to be frank, i really donno who he us till someone told me tat his ears got bitten off by Mike Tyson (of course i know who is Mike Tyson)*

*guys will always be guys*

*he really looks like a seal*
A super quick lunch in Toast Box and off we went to tour the booths again cause we wan to visit everything and see wat's relevant before we head off to our early shopping trip at 5pm to Marina Square.

Clock ticks 5pm!! OFF we went to our rooms to get changed and the very first thing i did upon entering the room was to take off my killer heels and changed into my comfy birken...the reason why i wanted to go Marina Square was to look for the Daniel Yam boutique so tat i can grab a dress for Huang Seng's wedding. I ditched the guys and went shopping alone before strolling back to MBS. i was told tat it's gonna be jus a short walk from Marina Square to MBS hence i tried. not really a short walk but then it's still manageable. the view of the helix bridge with the MBS casting in the background was really nice. i jus had to take a pic of the view, despite the heavy shopping bags tat i was carrying.

Received an SMS from Loh Woon to hav dinner at Cut at 8.30 when my watch was already showing 7.45! and i was only at the main entrance of MBS shopping center! didn't shower and hurrily got myself changed and zoomed to the CUT by Wolfgang Puck restaurant.
*i didn't even get to shower!! psst psst ~sprays more perfume~*

It was really busy when we arrived, it's a good thing that Lw made a reservation. the walls upon walls of fine wine and the dark lighting in the restaurant gave it a rather elegant and classy touch.

For appetizers, i ordered the 'Maine Lobster, American Blue Crab and Shrimp, Spicy Tomato-Horseradish. But OMG...why? cause they hav tons of avocado in it. OMG. EWWWWW. i hate avocadoes!! so i spent my time trying to dig the avocados out.
*i didn't take this picture cause totally forgot about it, got this picture off the internet*

this is the first time tat i actually had a steak all to myself cause normally i will opt for lamb instead. i thought the steak was abit too dry and i can't even finish the whole thing.
*it looked really naked. this is exactly how it looked like the moment the waiter served it, the side dishes will be served separately*

*i ordered sauteed mushrooms as side dish*
*foamy Halibut which Terry ordered*
*this trip i've eaten macarons of all shapes, i still prefer the one in high society*
*our bill comes to a total of $600++ for 5 pax*

i would think tat this restaurant is abit too overrated, the food it jus okie. not magnificent and great. for the price we paid, i expect a 'wow' factor. the service of the waiters were great, they were very well informed n brisk but for the food presentation, it was jus average.

muahz & hugz
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