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Monday, June 25, 2012Y
~*communicasia expo: pre-day (continuation)*~

after checking-in to our rooms we head for our late brunch at 'Din Tai Fung' for their delicious siew loong pau which we have been craving. they now offers premium siew loong paus like the Black Truffle one which sells at S$42 for 10 pcs. personally i'm not a fan of truffles, i'm more of a foie gras fan so i wish one day they will hav foie gras siew loong pau instead. after a satisfying brunch, we head straight to orchard to get some shopping done.
*the overrated truffle siew loong pau which i think was jus okie, still prefer the one with crab roe*

though there were sales going on in orchard but i didn't buy much. jus a pair of running shoes and my first havaianas cause i can't tolerate another second wearing the killer heels of mine. so i was strolling along orchard road alone trying to find the 'Daniel Yam' shop and only to find out tat they closed the branch in Wisma Atria and my only choice is to go to Marina Square to get it. hence shopping was not fruitful tat day and had to rush back to the hotel for dinner at 7.30.

our initial plan for dinner was to hav seafood, however everyone thinks tat since we were going to hav seafood the next day so we shall opt for something different like Japanese food. Hence we headed to the Sushi Tei in Paragon (shouldn't hav jus stayed in orchard...DAMN).
i've eaten at Sushi Tei more than a handful of times for either lunch or dinner whenever we go to singapore. but this is the first time tat i actually ordered Lobster Sashimi, usually it will be the Lobster mentaiko instead. the Lobster Sashimi was really delicious, the lobster was so fresh tat it was still moving!! yes, the lobster was still alive and well until dispatched 'a la minute'. pretty scary and cruel but the taste of freshness is jus indescribable.
*the lobster miso soup...deliciously sweeeeeeeet*

after a scrumptious dinner we headed back to the hotel to rest early in preparation for the super busy walking day.
*my roomie for the next few nites*

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