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Monday, June 04, 2012Y
~*Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Day 3*~

After a good nite's sleep, we checked-out from the hotel n hit the streets searching for goodies to nom nom. First stop is the bak kut teh which was recommended by some bloggers. We tried the soup n all four of us don really like it. I think the bak kut teh Tat I cook taste so much better and the pork tasted abit mushy. N after we finished I tried to take a snapshot of the signboard of the shop n the bos thought I wanna take cause I find the bak kut teh really good. But the reason I wanna take it's cause I really hav to warn everyone NOT to be fooled by the reviews of some foodie bloggers proclaiming Tat it's a great place to eat. One word: sucks!
After the terrible bkt we went to look for the famous coconut shake but then it was closed n will only open at two. However, on the way to the coconut shake place, mish spotted a super small sign which wrote 'baba charlie' along the roadside so she goggled n found out Tat it's actually quite a famous nyonya kuih maker. So we turned into this super small road n into some residential area.
When we entered into the kitchen n into a small living room, we got the shock! The whole small living room was filled with kuih!! Drools. Then hanging on the walls are portraits of the owner baba Charlie n apparently there were Alot of famous people who has been to Tat place to purchase these yummy delicacies.
We were so tempted by the aroma from the kuih n we can't wait to eat it d. So at the stage of desperation, we ate inside the car with no utensils to use we had to eat with our hands n bite-and-share. Lucky for the smart-me. I managed to think of a great way to cut the kuih into fours using the credit card. When u r desperate u can jus think of anything. The kuih is jus so so delicious!!!!!!!!! The taste of gula melaka is so nice together with the taste of santan. Perfectly nice.
While waiting for our breakfasts to digest we headed to the 'baba nyonya' museum which is located in jongker street. I was expecting the museum being hot n stuff but to my surprise the museum was air-conditioned n very well maintained n I thought the living was really familiar looking cause it looks like one of the scene where the Singapore series 'the little nyonya' was filmed. So I asked the person there, n indeed it was true enough Tat the whole crew for there for 10 days there n they used the museum to shoot snippets of the series.
Too bad they don't allow us to take any pics inside. All the details n carvings are so nice n detailed. It's a pity Tat I can only remember it in my mind. They then recommended us to try another cendol store called Donald & lily n a Nyonya restaurant called 'nancy's kitchen' (which we wanted to go the night before). The cendol was not as great as the one at dessert 88 cause I think they don serve it with Durian paste. After the cendol we went for a quick lunch. Trying to stuff ourself due to time limitation.
Both me n Benji craved for the durian cendol so much Tat we will be regretting so much if we didn't go n grab our bowl of durian cendol before we depart from malacca.
Our last stop before we say good bye to malacca was back to the coconut milkshake place. Before the shop even opens, there were already a beeline queuing for it. Was highly anticipating about how it would taste but when we tried it, it was jus okie.
*random: the car we rented*
Nothing so special Tat I would queue so long for it. I rather be queuing for the kuih or the cendol instead. Or even for the crepe cake. With a super stomach, we hav to head back to Kl to catch for the flight to Kuantan at 18.30. We managed to reach klia before 4. Jus on time to return the car back to the car rental n to check-in. We hav got everything planned for the nite when we arrive kuantan. *hav a great dinner n then it's happy time to celebrate Pheng seng's last nite as a bachelor* but unfortunately about 15 mins to arriving at Kuantan airport, there was a turbulence on the plane. It was so shaky n scary. We didn't know was is happening but only to find out Tat there's a thunderstorm n the plan could not land. N we hav to make another a second attempt to land again but failed. So we hav to make our trip back to klia!! We had to wait at the airport till 9 plus before we could know whether r we still flying to kuantan or not. Luckily the weather in Kuantan was better and we could board the plane to make our way to kuantan. Arrived Kuantan around 10. N I was quite shocked to see the size of the airport in kuantan. Its so small!! It's smaller than miri's airport. About half the size I think. I was expecting something bigger. Anyways, managed to arrive at zenith hotel at around 11 n off to supper. We were all so drained Tat we had to cancel clubbing d else we Wont be able to wake up at 5 for the morning wedding ceremony. Very interesting n torturing wedding gate-crashing games up in the next blogpost.

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