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Wednesday, June 06, 2012Y
~*Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Day 4*~

Riinng~ riing~
Oh shit!! 5.15am!! We r late. I haven't Curled my hair n I need to get my makeup done before we hop on the bus at 6 o'clock!!!! Rushed into the washroom as immediately as my legs would take me. My eyes can barely open. Rushing n getting everything ready n manage to be on time to hop on the bus with the rest to kemaman. We thought its in Kuantan too but it's actually an hour drive from kuantan n to kemaman which is in terengganu. So basically this is really a 'cuti-Cuti malaysia' for us. Plan ride to Kl, car ride to malacca, u-turned n flew to kuantan twice and now school-bus ride to Terengganu to pick up the bride.
We r the 'Heng-tai' this time so we don really hav to do much cause we hav the guys to take care of the games n all we had to do is jus to take pics n laugh. We hav like 16 Heng-tai n only 5 chi-mui from the bride's side. Really outnumbered but then this did not stop the chi-mui from torturing them. First was the collection of Ang pow before the car door could be open. Then it's pumping by half of the guys n the other half solving the puzzle. The guys who did the pumping hav to pump n drink beer or soft drinks n cannot stop till the puzzles are completed.

Next it was asking our dear afiq and two other guys to take off his pants. But afiq jus has to pull everyone in. Afiq, Clement n another guy whom I don remember the name had to take off their pants n the rest of the 13 guys had to go topless. All these for Pheng Seng! He better know we all love him so much. Next game on was asking six pairs of guys whereby half of them had to wear the adult diaper n the other half had to put the baby bottle which is filled with either vinegar, whiskey, okra n chilli and then stuff in between the armpits and the guys who r dressed as a baby hav to suck from it. How disgusting.
Can u imagine the smell after all those sweaty activities?!!! I felt really relieved that i don hav to go through all those games. If u think this is the end then u r wrong. There's one more whereby Pheng Seng had to use money to pass it hence we didn't know Wat the girls wanted the guys to do with the flour filled into the baby potty. Next was shooting the bull's eye where the guys had to try to score some points on the dart board. If they failed then the groom had to pay certain amount. I honestly Donno Wat was happening d Cause it was so hot n the games r getting too lengthy. It's more than an hour n the bride was still unseen. I think the last one was to search for the bride in the rooms. Finally after few failed attempts, Pheng Seng managed to find his bride. Phew.
My hb better appreciate how me n my chi-mui didn't torture him Tat much. The place was filled with housefly looking insects n plus the heat which makes us really sweaty. Managed to arrive back at the hotel at 1.30 n we can't be bothered to walk to the mall opposite the hotel to eat so we jus ate in the hotel. After a full meal n a great shower, we head to bed n was thinking of waking up at 4.30 to go shopping but when the alarm rang, I jus can't be bothered to wake up cause I think the shops inside the mall will not be worthwhile for me to wake up n walk across so we continue to sleep till 5 to prepare for the dinner at 6.30.
A very cina wedding dinner indeed with karaoke n middle-aged auntie and uncle dancing. Well we were quite entertained by those aunties. They are jus so funny. There were non-stop supply of alcohol all through the nite. Pretty crazy.
*mother of the bride: in blue*

*kap kun ka*

*my long lost fren*

*us and the groom*

After dinner, we headed to a club called 'bingo' which was inside a mall which we thought was the mall opposite our hotel. (more story on why this was important). Bingo was like a Thai Chinese club!!! Omg!! The music was ...*HORRIBLE* Ignore the music n focus on the drinks. We decided to go back to the hotel cause we don wanna miss tomorrow's flight. We walked two rounds around the mall trying to find the correct exit to our hotel. our leg hurts so badly cause of the uncomfy heels tat we were wearing. i forcefully asked my hb to piggy-back me but he was so reluctant cause he said i was jus too heavy! then i found a roller chair in one of the corners of the mall and i jus had to sit on it and ask my hb to push me instead. those killer heels are jus torturing. if you think walking around trying to find our way out of the mall was bad, the rain outside was worst. we really didn't wan to get drenched under the rain with no umbrella or anything so we had to find something which can cover ourselves. so we found a banner and used tat instead. with my hb and mish holding on both ends and me in the middle hugging mish's bag tight tight making sure if i get wet, the bag doesn't (it was an 'order'). it was jus a hilarious event. walking about to the hotel and laughing at how silly we were. we were so happy to see the sight of the hotel jus across the road. now, we had to dispose off the banner so that there's no evidence of us 'stealing' it. hope the management of the mall won't be reading this blog. :p
by the time we hit the sack it was already 2.30am!!! a very tiring trip indeed but a really enjoyable one with lotsa of food, laughters and silly activities.

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