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Sunday, June 17, 2012Y
~*Happy Daddy's Day*~

initially i wanna go grab a father's day card from Euroclassics but to my surprised their choices were so limited as compared to mother's day card. i really wonder why? i received mother's day promotion via sms even a month before it but i didn't even hear of any promotion about father's day up till the very last minute. so are mothers more important than fathers? for me, they are both equally important.

there's always a good cop and bad cop in every family portrayed by our parents, as for me my daddy is always the good guy and always saying yes to all my demands while my mum is always the mrs no...declining to most of my demands. i've always been a daddy's girl. i hav to really thank him for making me for who i am today. he was the one who brought me to school since kindergarten till form 5 and helped me to carry my school bag to my class till form 3! while all my classmates are laughing at me back then and i felt so embarrassed. but when i thought of it now, i really feel so proud cause i hav a dad who cares so much about me and bothers to park his car and bring my school bag up to the classroom for me. which dad will be tat concerned? during the first day of school, he will make sure tat i get the best seats in the class so tat i can sit comfortably. he will then purchase all the books tat i need for the year and bringing me to get my uniforms and all.

one really funny thing about my dad, you can't tell him how much u love eating something cause he will end up buying u more to eat. i used to love to eat chuppa chupps lollipops and will be craving for it every single day and the next thing u know, he bought a hug pail of it for me and how in the world am i supposed to finish it alone? till a point i gave up on lollipops for quite a few years. there was one time when i love to buy the butterfly springy hairclips, and when he went on business trip to Philippines, he got me 20 of them! then when i was having craze for baby-G watch, he went to HongKong and got me another 2 different colors of the same style. later when i was older, i was into the Titanic craze, he went to get me T-shirt with the Titanic poster on it. OH MY GOD! obviously i didn't wear it. then i entered into the 'i can't leave without hello kitty stage' and he went to Hong kong and get me heaps of hello kitty things like hello kitty telephone (which i am still using), hello kitty softtoy, key chain, stationery, etc. there was a really funnier one...i was so into Winnie the Pooh, so he went to KL and told my mum he tried to get my a Winnie the Pooh softtoy but he couldn't find it, cause all the bears only hav 'POOH' written on it and he claimed they are not original. he thought that Winnie the Pooh bears will hav 'Winnie the Pooh' written on the shirt.
my dad is always concerned about everything about me. i think he was having panic-attack during the preparation of my wedding cause he was trying to make sure everything is okie for me. he even went to the temple a day before my wedding and arranged everything so that when i go and pray, there will be people helping us to prepare the joysticks and all. with jus one call, he can drive all the way up to bandar and bring me back to seria. i think i am really his world. i can feel that if there is jus one bowl of rice (soup seems better cause i hate rice) left of me, he will definitely give it to me. though my dad is really blur at times (tats where i inherit my blurness) but he is the best dad one could ever ask for. No guy in this world can ever replace my daddy in my heart (sorrie hubby, if u r reading this). Happy daddy's day...love you dad.

muahz & hugz
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