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Tuesday, June 26, 2012Y
~*it's a Malaccan buffet*~

in the midst of blogging about my singapore work trip last week, i'm going to interrupt all tat a few random posts. been craving for Malaccan food since our last trip to Malacca, so when my mum told me tat Seasons Restaurant is having this Peranakan Cuisine, i'm totally UP FOR IT. There were alot of famous Malaccan delicacies like pie tee, spicy prawn curry with pineapple, nyonya steamed fish, nyonya poh piah, stuffed taufu with chilli, pong teh (my favourite so far) and a varieties of famous nyonya kuihs.
*poh piah and rojak station*
*the appetizer station*
*the nyonya laksa which i was jus too full to try*
*ais kacang with gula melaka*
*the varieties of nyonya kuihs*
*they even hav otah-otah (malaccan style)*

*this is the second time tat my hb actually ate those greenish color kuih, first time was during our malacca trip. guess he fell in love with those kuihs after the trip*

i didn't get to take a picture of the 'satay celup' stall which was outside located outside the restaurant. we didn't try 'satay celup' when we were in malacca cause it's quite unhygenic. basically, you just dip raw or semi-cooked meat and vegetables on skewers into a boiling hot pot of peanut sauce like the ones we use for satay. and the stall owners will jus recycle the satay sauce which means the pot of sauce where you are dunking ur yummy skewers into, was also used by alot of other customers who dined at the same table before you. but then the good thing is tat in brunei this will not happen and especially not in Seasons. it's really hygenic here. i i won't say tat the buffet was super great but then it's better than expected. worth a try since there's 25% off using Baiduri Cards.


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