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Saturday, June 16, 2012Y
~*pampering myself on a lazy saturday*~

started my pampering ritual as early as 9.30 with manicure and pedicure. the first thing tat i did when i chose the colors was to look at the base of the OPI nail colors to make sure the OPI nail varnish are original. i'll write up a blog post when i'm free to help my readers distinguish between original and fakso ones. this time i chose really normal colors with no blings cause i'll be going on business trip so don wanna look too blinged up in my nails.
then i went to get my hair treatment done. this time i tried the collagen hair treatment which is so super smooth. my hair now is as smooth as silk. OMG. can't believe it. peggie told me that this will last for at least 10 hair washes. not sure how true it is.

Celebrated Daddy's day in advance in Jolene restaurant. Luckily we booked a table else I think we won't even hav a place to seat. The restaurant was super full. Met roberto n his family as well as the bridegroom-to-be (this coming Friday). Pretty packed.
These pictures were taken with samsung note. Not sure will it be of better quality as compared to my lousy iPhone4. I'm still anticipating for iPhone5. Can't wait for it to launch. Hopefully it's better and has more functions than it's predecessor.

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