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Sunday, July 01, 2012Y
~*the amazing spiderman: staring mr ho*~

My dad thought Tat my weekend was jus too boring so he wanted to do something to amuse me. He 'purposely' dropped his keys inside the store before he left n when we got back from breakfast we couldn't get in! Well it's not the first time tat he cant find his keys n wats worst is Tat both me n my mum hav no keys too. So my spiderman dad decided to do a stunt for us to see. He went to grab two ladders from the workshop next door n his spiderman act began.
You must be wondering Wat I was doing while all these are happening. I was holding the umbrella n taking snap shots of the whole progress and laughing. Not like I can actually do much rite? There r so many people there helping so i cant even squeeze myself in to help N the sun was super hot.
I called my hb to tell him about our situation so he came over but not like he could actually do anything cause there's nothing we could do except to climb over the gate with barb wires. The first thing I asked my dad was to make sure my dad was not wearing any of his burberry shirts cause I really don wanna see holes pricked by the wires on his shirt. It's such a scary act. But I'm really proud of my dad's agility despite his age, he still manage to perform stunts like these. Bravo dad! Way to go! Keep up the blurness! Such a cute dad I hav.


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