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Tuesday, July 17, 2012Y
~*the amazing spiderman*~

recently i think i got bitten by the lazy bug having the symptoms of not blogging. watched this movie quite sometime ago but was too busy to blog. had a very busy work week with two nite jobs. luckily i've got a long relaxing weekend to recuperate my energy.
now back to the movie, i'm sure there are alot of comparisons made regarding which spiderman movie is better? the one staring Tobey maguire or Andrew garfield?
i personally will prefer Andrew's version of Peter Parker cause it makes the character less geeky and he's so sexy too. The role is modernized by having PP be a victim of bullying, but they added tat PP should ride a skateboard hence giving it a more cool factor. however, i'll personally think that Tobey will definitely look better in the spidey suit cause Andrew is jus way too skinny for it.

i feel this movie is more realistic like the part where PP invented his spider web device which helps him jump from buildings to buildings and uses it as a weapon against his enemies rather than the web just instantly came out from PP's wrist when the spider had bit him. well i'm actually arachonophobic but i don mind watching spiderman cause i'm always a fan of superheroes movies so who's complaining rite?

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