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Tuesday, July 10, 2012Y
~*celebrating our monthiversary*~

we went to Spaghettini to celebrate our monthiversary. it has been a while since we last came here. i'm guessing the last time was with his sis. they hav changed their contemporary design to a more sleek and modern one giving more privacy to the customers. big slates of 'artistic' concrete walls are being build to separate some areas. i will think the concrete walls were abit too bulky. still preferred the old design as compared to this one. ambiance-wise was not too great cause there were quite a number of tables last nite and it seems i was dining in a chinese restaurant instead. the menu looks the same from the last time we went so nothings great but we ordered something different.
*caught on the phone again*

*our amuse bouche: duck moose*
*his appetizer: smoked duck and mushroom quesadilla, roasted corn & pepper relish*
*her appetizer: blue swimmer crab cannelloni, watercress emulsion, star anis-tomato jam*
*his main: angus beef ribeye, mustard ice cream, potato confit, pear compote, natural juice*

*bon appetite*

*her main: poached lamb 'eye of shortloin' n pasta dough, portbella-leak ragout, yellow pepper juice*

*praying for my mains to be yummy*

*our dessert: mango-cardamom creme brulee, mascarpore parfait, mango chips*
i will still prefer the creme brulee at savy's. so far they are the only restaurant in Brunei which serves the best creme brulee. i really miss their lavender creme brulee.

*us again*

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