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Monday, July 02, 2012Y
~*communicasia expo: 3rd day*~

MBS has brought along a bunch of top notch restaurants, and this next restaurant tat we tried certainly matches up.the highlight of today will be our lunch at Punjab Grill. it's an Indian fine dining restaurant by Jiggs Kalra. i'm not being racist but the moment i think of indian food, it will be cheap murtabak which costs less than $1 but this one, even a bowl of steam rice costs $22. Shocking but true. We ended up paying about $70 each but it's really worth the price. the chicken tikka is really good, the meat is so succulent, juicy and tender. i'm jus so lost for words in describing how good the curries were.

we then head to Ritz Carlton to attend a seminar by Anite on test tools and wat's good after tat is the high-tea. the kebab with mint sauce which was served was really good.

i really hav indian food overload tat day. upon finishing the seminar, we wasted no time and head to orchard for my last minute shopping.
*the red velvet cake which i ordered from a random dessert shop in Takashimaya*

i really donno wat i've bought over the past few days but when i wanted to start packing my things, all these paper bags came out of nowhere. i had to try the 'mission impossible' to squeeze all my purchases into my luggage bag. wat's worst, i even had to sit on it to close it cause it's jus so full. i was so afraid tat it will burst opened!

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