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Tuesday, July 03, 2012Y
~*communicasia expo: trip back to brunei*~

finally, the last day of my singapore trip. woke up quite early to try to fit my toiletries into the luggage bag. quite a mission impossible but somehow i managed to stuff it in.

*my quick breakfast with Han Kee and Ginny before i head to the airport*

*thanks MBS, really nice stay*

my flight was 11.55 so i thought leaving hotel at 10 would give me ample time, but when i arrived airport it was already 10.30 and i only had to make one choice...to claim the GST and wait at the long queue which means lesser shopping time inside the airport OR forget about the GST and start queuing. 2nd choice it was! cause i've got tons of things i wanna buy from the airport. i was prepared to pay for overweight charges but to my surprised, my bag is only 19.8kg.
this is wat i call 'proper planning'. *flips hair* literally ran around the airport to grab the stuffs tat i wan and arrived in the boarding area jus right on time at 11.30. phew...so rushy. so poor time management. this is jus the start of my poor time management of the day. i arrived home around 3 and i had to rush to the salon to get my hair done and i was so hungry. in order to save time, this is wat i did.

arrived home at 5.15 and had to rush with the makeup and dress-up cause the wedding dinner in seria is at 6.30. yes it's rushing again for us.
*all dolled-up*

finally we can sit down comfortably and enjoy the nite while looking at both Huang Seng and Pei Shi walked down the aisle. such lovely couple they are.

i really love the wedding favor which was given. it's actually a luggage tag which came in both baby blue and baby pink. lovely.

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