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Monday, July 09, 2012Y
~*company event: bowling*~

Company gatherings are always good cause at least it can help in bonding and building up team work. so this time they decided to organize bowling games. Attire?
*my totally pinky me*

Venue? Megastrike of course. we hated the old bowling place cause it stinks so much and the shoes are in such bad condition. the lanes in megastrike were a good size too, generally holding about 5 to 6 people per lane comfortably. we played two games but my score for the first game was pretty crappy. scored a 89 for the first and at least an improvement score of 111 for the second with 3 strikes. yipee. an achievement for me.

*1st game*

*2nd game*

some finger food and refreshments were served after the game, but i didn't try cause it didn't look appetizing. well, the main thing is not about the food, it's about everyone cheering for each other during the game. there was friendly competition and rivalries, and at the same time everyone was cheering for each other. this is wat we call team spirit. events like these should happen more often .
*the team members from the other lanes*

*my bosses+ team mates*

*the 'family'

*and yes, he's one head taller than me*

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