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Thursday, July 19, 2012Y
~*fifty shades trilogy*~

if you haven't been reading the fifty shades trilogy, then u r really missing alot. the fifty shades trilogy have been at the top of the New York Bestseller list for months. not tat it's a very well written book or contains any meaningful literature but i really can't put the book down. it's so addictive. i finished the part 1: fifty shades of grey like in two days. if only i could do nothing but jus reading the book, i could hav finished it in a day! though the story is overly sexual but beyond the sex, the two main characters (Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele) are so endearing, interesting and entertaining. i jus can't take my eyes off the page. i have the book downloaded to my ipad, and my iphone so i can read them whenever i can. sounds so desperate, but i'm sure u will be too once u start reading it.

The characters, Christian Grey who is apparently the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth. All women will render speechless in his presence, dumbstruck and with jaws dropped appropriately. Not only is he gorgeous but he’s successful and owns some sort of multi-million pound company and is earning one hundred thousand every hour! But Christian is flawed by events in his past. He is unable to attach himself emotionally to anybody in fact he doesn’t even like to be touched and he's into domineering. Anastasia Steele on the other hand, is completely innocent of such things being a very late developer to the whole area of sex – in fact, she’s a virgin. The plots are really quite similar to Twilight, Christian being Edward Cullen and Ana protraying Bella. So, whilst he’s not a vampire and Ana is in no immediate danger of having her blood drained, Christian is bad for her. He can’t give her the type of relationship she wants and she’s in danger of a good spanking at every turn. here are some similarities which i found between Christian Grey and Edward Cullen
*both are drop dead gorgeous and they are guys tat any girls will jus die for.
*both are adopted
*both have a dark and dangerous secret
*both of them are so deeply in love with an ordinary girl
*both plays the piano

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