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Monday, July 23, 2012Y
~*happy 63rd birthday FIL*~

Today is the actual birthday of my FIL but we had our pre-celebration last saturday at Charcoal Grill in KayBee because it's easier to do it during weekends rather than on a weekday. a month before his birthday, we were thinking of wat to get him. so i stumbled upon this cakeshop on facebook called Midori. They really have a great display of cute cupcakes and cakes. i didn't wan to get the usual Bakerlyn cake which have been showcased in most of our birthdays so i opt for something different. Decided to order personalized cupcakes with our faces on it. Midori was really helpful with the design, i didn't hav to think much, jus told her about wat flavors i wanted, and the color theme. left everything for her to do the magic. the outcome was magnificent.
*such cute cuppies*
*our appetizers*
*my down-sized vs his up-sized*
*our mains*

i'm glad they all enjoyed the cake, we were having so much fun taking pics with it rather than jus blowing the candles and cut and eat and end of story.
*the birthday man*

*me being the godzilla*

*i'm eating myself*

*eating the brain*

*my dad is still quite astonished of why his hair turns out so white on the cupcake*

*my mum with her replica*

*oh no, i'm seeing doubles*

now for the comparisons. they don really look like us though but it's really something special for the nite.

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