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Tuesday, July 17, 2012Y
~*McD Hello Kitty 2012*~

i knew about these hello kitty available for sale but i was quite hesitant to get it at tat point in time. cause it will be quite troublesome to ask someone to queue for me. i know they are so cute but i decided to ignore it this time. i remember the last time McD lauched the Hello Kitty Series was way back in 2000. time flies so fast and it's more than a decade already.

this time round, McD released Hello Kitty in the form of their mascots. so cute. and my sis-in-law got me one in a ronald costume. super cute. and it triggers me to get all the three.
been searching online to find the best seller for these cute plushies and the prices ranges from S$70-S$95 for 3 of those kitties. not sure whether is it worth it yet or not. cause one of the buyer is unable to provide me the grimace in the original packing which makes me quite doubtful of the authenticity. if u r asking me why do i wan these plushies so desperately? the only answer i could give is cause they are so cute. enough said. time to go hunt for these cute plushies before they r out of stock.

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