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Thursday, July 19, 2012Y
~*McD Hello Kitty Hunt continues*~

managed to find quite a number of sellers for the McD hello kitty. managed to get one which is selling me the three plushies for $55. luckily i've got my sis-in-law in singapore. she managed to get two of the other plushies (grimace and birdie) from her colleague @ $10 for 2! wat joy! so now my only hunt is for the hamburglar hello kitty. if i'm left with no choice then i'll most probably opt for the $15 hamburglar. all these are still cheaper than the $90 which i was planning to buy. way to go...*clap clap* for saving money.

back to the saving money part, yesterday we met up with an insurance agent who is planning to help us do a financial health check. this is really a good way to start to save money cause i really donno where all my money goes to at the end of the month. he was telling us tat we should get more assets and not buying bags, cars, phones, bla bla bla which depreciate over time. wat he says it's true but it's all these depreciating assets tat i fancy. they are like needs to me more than wants like how he mentioned it. will try to gather some info for him IF i'm free over the long weekend so i can do a health check on my finance else i'll jus be spending on depreciating assets like the kitty plushies...OMG.


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