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Tuesday, July 24, 2012Y
~*Purple?? the IN color?*~

i read a few blogs and they hav been mentioning that the Purple glass for the Coca-Cola Glasses at McD!
Purple is the “in” colour for The Coca-Cola glasses at McDonald’s!

This limited edition icon has made its debut FREE with any purchase of Large McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass Meal since 6th July 2012 is now into its 3rd week with the colour purple, and with the embossed pictogram depicting the sports of cycling.

Customers can choose from any one of the Twelve Large (L) McValue Meals, and a Sundae or McFlurry. Priced from B$5.05 to B$13.70.

“The customers are enjoying the added value given to them FREE when they purchase their favourite meal as the Coca Cola glasses has always been a collectors’ item, and it brings them together to celebrate the winning spirit of the Olympic Games in our restaurants,” said Dk Kemariah Pg Hj Duraman, General Manager of McDonald’s Brunei. She also added,“ Look out for our special treat for Sungkai McValue Meal which is only from 5 pm to 9 pm”.

So hurry down to McDonald’s to get your Free Coca-Cola Contour glass with every purchase of a large meal or call 2449669 for deliveries. While limited stock last.


this is my 3rd year in a row to collect Purple Color Coca-Cola Glass, the reason is cause the first time i jus randomly got the Purple color, then the following year, i went to McD and coincidentally i got the Purple one too. Hence this year, i made it a point to get the Purple Color Glass but i'm not sure why issit so popular amongst others. jus weird...don even know why is there such a craze for the purple one. anywayz, i'm glad tat my hb managed to get the purple one for me.


*all mine*


muahz & hugz
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