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Sunday, July 22, 2012Y
~*reunion after more than a decade*~

had a small reunion with my ex-classmate Phoebe whom i haven't met since the day we left school way way back in 2000. we thought we could get to meet up with more of our ex-classmates but unfortunately there were all too busy and only Kelly could drive up to bandar. well, two is better than none.

deciding of a place to yum cha was quite a problem. couldn't even make up our minds which cafe do we wanna go do so we ended up in Coffee Zone Gadong instead. Time flies, we have known each other since we were in primary 3...tat will be ermmm...(fingers counting)...1993 (i think) tat would amount to nearly 2 decades!! in fact, i think none of us has really changed over the years, except our status and Phoebe being pregnant now.
*my iced nutty latte which i haven't tried for 8 years*

Had some nice time catching up with each other cause it has been awhile since the three of us got together. Spent the evening taking pictures with Kelly's new Polaroid camera (these were considered rare since it has been a while tat we actually took photos together) and abit of updates from each of us. Not to forget finally get to see Phoebe's wedding pics on facebook. She's been really 'secretive' about her wedding pics. so we demand her to privately tag us instead.

*the girl whom i always quarrel with but we get back together very fast after tat. it's like a bf-gf relationship between us*

*the un-glam photo of Kelly, she's gonna kill me if she sees this*

*finally, our first pic together after decades*

*testing kelly's camera*

*and more*

these are the group of frens tat would not fall out with each other probably because we're close yet not entirely close. we don get to meet up often as mentioned but if we do, we can jus talk for days. unfortunately we didn't hav tat much time. hoping the next meet-up won't be a decade later.
*our memories, till we meet again*

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