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Wednesday, July 25, 2012Y
~*Sungkai Dinner Part One: Mariscos*~

There's a new seafood restaurant in town called Mariscos and it's located in Kg. Tungku. Not difficult to find. Jus drive all the way in from the Mata-Mata traffic light till you reach an awkward looking round-about and you can see the restaurant on ur left.
*look at the blue blue sky*

*the ambiance is nice but it's jus abit too hot*

*the seafood area*

The restaurant is located right at the rooftop, at least something different and you can get breaths of fresh air. They main menu is bbq seafood. Quite a number of choices ranging from stingrays, crabs, fish, prawns (surprisingly their prawns are really big, not those small small types which are usually served in buffets).

*sotongs and my favourite stingray*

*prawns and crabs*


the best thing about this place is tat all these seafood are properly kept cold but the only problem was those irritating houseflies which kept lingering around the sauces.

*love the sauce*

*let's not forget the appetizers*

*a selection of drinks*

*raw beef and lamb, readied to be cooked on the spot with either Mongolian sauce or black pepper sauce*

*they even serve chicken rice, not to forget their roti canai store which i didn't manage to get a pic. they will make fresh roti canai for you on the spot too*

*cooking my lamb...in progress*

*mongolian sauce lamb*

*the 'noodles'*

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