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Saturday, July 28, 2012Y
~*Sungkai Dinner Part Three: Vintage Rose*~

Vintage Rose, a restaurant/cafe which is perfect for small group dinners as the place is really quiet and the ambiance feels jus like home. They are serving sungkai set dinner which gives us the choice of either Asian set dinner or Western set dinner. Asian Set Dinner serves at $11.90 while the Western Set Dinner serves at $21.90.

Dinner tat night was with the girls, Michelle, Suki and Steph. it's really lucky we chose a quiet place cause we were so loud, giggling and laughing the whole time. Trying to catch up with each others news. great catch up with the girls. great time spent. let's focus on our dinner set instead.

Asian Set
*Bakso Soup*

*Ayam Penyet*

*Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice cream*
Western Set
*Mushroom Soup*

*Lamb Chop*

*Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice cream*


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