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Thursday, July 26, 2012Y
~*Sungkai Dinner Part Two: Twelv Cafe Brunei*~

manjaro was fully booked so we changed our sungkai venue to Twelv instead. Initially we wanted to go for the buffet which is $17 per person but there weren't much things left and they don seem to be refilling the food so we ordered ala carte instead. not sure whether to consider this one part of the Sungkai Dinner. Appetizer came in a form of BBQ chicken wings which was surprisingly really good. i love the thai chili dip.
i wanted to hav a light meal cause still quite full from my late lunch so i ordered baked prawns termidor with buttered riced and veggies. i was expecting a really small portion of buttered rice. but it was shocking big...i love how they decorated the dish.
i'm now super busy planning for sungkai dinners with my frens, families and relatives. i think sungkai gives us more of a reason to be eating out together :) i think i'll be seeing at least an additional 1kg on my weighing scale after this ramadhan month ends.


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