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Sunday, August 12, 2012Y
~*Batman: Dark Knight Rises*~

This is the third and might be final installments of the Batman Film Series which is directed by Christopher Nolan. The Nolan's Batman Series started of with Batman Begins which dated way back in 2005. I didn't really like that movie cause it was rather boring and not too much action. more of introducing and developing characters. it showed a darker tone as compared to the rest of the Batman Series.

Then the 2nd installment was Batman: The Dark Knight. Personally i'll vote this as my favourite as compared to the rest of the Batman movies. Heath Ledger really managed to portray the image as Joker...he will forever be remembered.

Honestly, a gap of 4 years really did erase quite alot of my memories on the previous installment of the dark knight. the only thing tat i could remember is Joker. don even recall seeing Two-face Harvey in the movie. So this is the final installment of Batman by Nolan. This highly anticipated film really makes me wonder whether issit worth the hype?

Well, after gluing to the seat for nearly 3 hours and thinking of going for toilet breaks every 20 mins cause i drank too much water had left me looking forward for the movie to end rather than really enjoying the movie. i think it's jus too long winded. Bane, the mad man in the movie with his ruthless killings is quite different from his venom-induced self as depicted in the comics. He looks pretty scary too with the mouth mask on. how he was really hurt when one of the tubes on his mouth mask was pulled out. it's jus really sad to know how he protected the real villain. *left untold here..*
i really think Anne Hathaway as catwoman was really good. alot better than Halle Berry. at least she is not 'scary' but sexy.
Halle Berry's catsuit was different as she didn't done the traditional latex body suit but instead wore a two-piece suit complete with a leather bustier top with cross body chains, elbow length gloves, shredded leather pants and leather peep toes sandals. Anne Hathaways' catsuit however went completely high tech.

Now the next question, who played the role of the Catwoman best?


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