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Wednesday, August 01, 2012Y
~*bye bye gadong office*~

it's so sad having to say good-bye to our Technical Office located in Batu Bersurat. i've been working here since my first day of work way back in Dec 2007. So it's basically more than 4 years here. i think i really spent more time in the office more than i spent at my home. Getting to work used to be a hassle cause i was staying in Rimba and but as i've moved closer to the office, it only took me at most 10 minutes to reach office.
*the exterior my office*

*the pathway which i've walked for 4.5 years*

Though this office is not an office which i had in mind, i didn't know our office will be so 'opened'. there's no partition and honestly it's really messy too. all the 12 departments are crammed into this small empty space located at the highest floor of an old TelBru building. Going to toilet is always a hassle for me. i'll make sure my bladder is really full before i hav to walk down a floor to go to the toilet.

The Pantry used to be worst than it is shown in the pics below with no fridge, fan, microwave, toaster, mini-oven, etc. All of us contributed to make the pantry a better place to hav our meals. The microwave however was actually a prize which we won for 'Best Performance' during our Company's Annual Dinner back in 2009 (i think). really missed the times we all spent in the pantry 'yum cha' and sharing gossips. and this is our last time having our tea time in the pantry. our yum cha gang used to include both Jeremy and Joey as well but now it's jus left with 4 of us.
*look how dirty the walls are, but we survived working there*
*my last cup of nestum in the pantry*

Our meeting room, once a place which we all dreaded to go on Friday morning. Every thursday nite i'll hav sleepless nites knowing the next day we are going to hav technical meeting jus stressed me out. but now i really miss those days.
*deng deng deng, the war zone*

this corner is the last 'project' i did together with Dr, Joey and Jeremy. Our little meeting room was constructed from the arrangements of the cabinets to form a small 'room' for quick meetings.
*my bos who doesn't wan to be seen*
*packing packing and more packing*
*my 6 boxes to be carried to the new office*
*all packed and ready to go*
*i miss my seat*
*my view*
*gonna miss the messy office*
*busy busy backing up*

bye bye for now...such a sad day to be driving out from the building. not a great office but with good memories. my first office for my first job. hope the new environment is going to be great :)


muahz & hugz
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