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Monday, August 27, 2012Y
~*Dazzling Dubai: Day 1*~

Going to Dubai was really a spontaneous trip. It took us less than a week to plan for this trip but i was really glad tat everything went smoothly and we managed to follow everything almost within schedule...our original plan

Day 1: checked into hotel, visit Dubai Mall, Desert Safari for dinner
Day 2: Hop onto Big bus tour and tour the old Dubai (red route), dinner at Dubai Mall
Day 3: Big bus tour around the new Dubai (blue route), dinner at Emirates Mall
Day 4: Visit Atlantis and spend whole day there, lunch at Kaleidoscope and dinner at Ossiano
Day 5: Visit Mall of the Emirates

well a plan will always definitely hav changes...now the real plan
Day 1: checked into hotel, visit Dubai Mall, Desert Safari for dinner
Day 2: Hop onto Big bus tour and tour the old Dubai (red route), dinner at Dubai Mall
Day 3: Big bus tour around the new Dubai (blue route), dinner at Atlantis
Day 4: Visit Hardrock Cafe Dubai, Dubai Outlet Mall and Ibn Battuta
Day 5: Visit Mall of the Emirates

it's really amazing how a small fishing village in the 18th century can become a fascinating vibrant of Dubai today.
*the first pic in Dubai*

Arrived Dubai in the wee hours of the day (+4 GMT) and was welcomed with a burst of warm heat the moment i stepped foot on the grounds of Dubai. There was nothing we could do but to check into the hotel and have a good nite sleep before we could start our day.

*our cozy room*

the buffet spread was quite good and to my surprise they even have a pork section set aside. didn't expect to see this in Dubai considering the fact that it is a Muslim country.
*didn't even eat anything from the pork section for the whole week we were there*

wat other great way to start the tour in Dubai other than going to the largest mall in the world? Dubai mall...it was enormously big as it housed about 1200 stores. What so impressive about the shopping mall is the huge aquarium with a humongous window facing the mall and it was simply breathtaking.

initially, our plan was to go to this restaurant called Al-Hallab for their famous Sharwarma but as u can see from the pic below, it was quite smokey...reason why? there was some fire accident there not sure wat or why but we were asked to evacuate from tat part of the building. and the next day when we went to Dubai Mall again they told us Al-Hallab was under renovation so we suspected it was the Al-Hallab restaurant might be one of the reason for the smokey scene.

*freefall fountain*

*some random souk in the mall*

*grilled shrimp with guacamole and cheese @ Le pain quotidien*

It even won an award in the Guinness Books of Records for the Largest Single Acrylic Panel in the world. After spending hours of shopping we had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the car to pick us up for the Desert Safari Adventure at 3pm. It's actually a jeep drive through enormous mounds of sand...a fancy-term called dune-bashing. I was quite prepared for tat but i didn't expect the journey to be so lengthy.

*yay, i'm in the desert*

*before the ride..OF COURSE*

*look at the additional protection tat was installed inside the car*

*this was taken off the internet cause i can't even hold myself in place wat more taking a photo*

i got abit car sick half way through the ride. after around 30 minutes of dune-bashing, we finally came to a smooth road. i was so happy. but then not long, the jeep turned back into the desert and continued for another 5-10 minutes of bashing till we reached a campsite where we were going to have our BBQ dinner for the nite. there were camels but i wasn't too well to even ride them. went straight into the camp site where i get my henna tattoo done.


the atmosphere was hot. felt like i'm baking in the oven. the glaring sun however leaves its shadow on the sand and the colorful sunsets making the dusk overwhelming steals the soul in desert safari, the dinner was finally served and well entertained by traditional dance and belly dancer.
*what best way to cool urself?? Coke in the desert*

*the place where we had our dinner*

wat's worst after dinner is the 5 minutes of dune-bashing back to the roads again. overall it was a great experience but definitely not for the faint heart.
*our ride*
*a nice rose with the desert in the background*

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