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Wednesday, August 29, 2012Y
~*Dazzling Dubai: Day 2*~

after a supposed to be a well-relaxed day of shopping and BBQ at the desert, we were going to start our 2-Days Big Bus Tour today by first hopping onto the red route.
*the big bus booth*

*each of us were given the ear piece to listen to the tour commentator which is available in 10 different languages*

we started our tour in the 2nd stop which is Burjurman...a nice shopping mall which is located quite near to our hotel..takes less than AED 10 to arrive. next up is the 3rd stop: wafi mall being one of the most elegant shopping complexes in Dubai, having distinct pyramid-shaped atrium roofs. we didn't hop-off at this stop as we were quite short of time.

*passed by Dubai court...the Brunei court definitely looks bigger...but from wat i heard, the crime rate in Dubai is really low so i guess the court is jus for show and tell*

*on the bus*

4th stop: Creek Park...yes a park! it's definitely quite impossible for me to get off the bus as i won't wan to be walking around the park under blazing hot sun. SKIP! 5th stop: Creek Walk...supposed to be sailing away in the Dhow Cruise but the timing wasn't quite right so we decided to come back abit later and hit to the 6th stop first: Dubai Museum...the first stop which we hopped-off. what other ways to know more about a city than to visit their museum?
alot has been said about Dubai Museum as i've read over the internet but of course nothing beats the first hand experience to know and learn about a place. Dubai Museum is housed in Al-Fahidi Fort, this fort was once the residence of the Ruler of Dubai, however at some point in history it was also served as a prison.

Initially, i thought wat was so fascinating about the museum cause the courtyard looked really old and scampy until i was taken into the small tower entrace down to the winding stairs into another museum. now things below were more fascinating where rich heritage of dubai was displayed.

7th stop: Dubai Old Souk. Souk is an arabic word for Market and in this Dubai Old Souk, many kind of goods are being displayed for sale. It not hard to identify the entrance to the old souk as you will see a very detailed wooden structure. it was quite shady in the souk so i wasn't complaining YET. didn't buy anything as nothing interests me there...off to the 8th stop: Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum's House...definitely my most regretted stop. the moment i got off the bus, i can't even find any shady place for me to hide and i had to walk quite a long stretch of road to get to the Sheikh's house. i'm not complaining about the house itself...it's the unbearable hot blazing sun hitting my skin. i was going to faint any minute.
*the only pic of the 'house' tat's found in my phone*

anywayz, it is now a national monument, the site is home to a museum where one can view old photographs, stamps, coins and a display on the traditional occupation of pearl diving. definitely worth a visit but please remember to bring an umbrella.
*i donno how this pic manage to look so tilted*

9th stop: the famous Gold Souk which we skipped too. not like we are interested in the gold. i don mind going down for a walk but the moment the doors of the bus opened, i really can't stand the fishy smell. Gold Souk is located right opposite the fish market. it will be quite unimaginable to be walking along the streets in the hot sun while breathing air which smells like fish. 10th and final stop of the red line is at Abra station: i really hav no idea why is this a tourist spot... SKIPPED and went back to the 1st stop: Deira City Centre Mall where we had our lunch and did some window shopping before we took the bus back to the 5th stop: Creek Walk to hop onto the Dhow cruise along Dubai creek and looking at all the structure of the buildings and not to forget free sauna.
*the Dhow cruise*

*onboard the Dhow cruise*


*sitting in the middle of the cruise*
*cool floating bus*

after the relaxing Dhow ride, we took the taxi from Creek Walk to Dubai Mall again.
*burj khalifa from afar*

saw the 'red lobster' advert on the escalator and it looks really yummy so hubby suggested we give it a try though it's only 5 pm but we are already famished. Greeted by live lobsters in the aquarium and a cosy ambiance. one indulgence i love in seafood is not the lobsters but it's actually the crabs. the moment i saw the humongous lobsters my saliva jus can't stop drooling, i felt tat the lobsters were jus chanting 'please eat me now!'.

*the menus*

*my mojito*

*fresh, live maine-lobster served grilled*

*north pacific king crab legs, steamed and served with melted butter...heavens*

*finger licking good*

after such a satisfying dinner, we walked around the basement of the Dubai Mall which eventually is linked to the ticketing counter of the Burj Khalifa.

*at the top*

*our purchases*

after Burj Khalifa, we went to shop around and wait for the time for the musical fountain which is the most breathtaking attraction of the Mall where thousands of people flock to see this spectacular performance. It was a coincidence tat the musical fountain was stirring musical piece from Jacky Cheung as it sprays water over 150m in the air and over 6000 light and color projectors are used which makes unique water expressions and create an unforgettable extravaganza for the senses... the perfect ending to our perfect day in Dubai.

*very blurry pic...all thanks to the iphone*

*Burj Khalifa at nite*

last stop before we get back to the hotel, The Cheesecake Factory. initially we wanted to have our dessert there but we had to wait 1.5 hours even though it's already 9pm! left with no choice, we had to buy take-aways instead.

*look at the queue, even take-aways seemed almost impossible*

*oreo dream extreme cheesecake*

the cake was really really too rich with chocolaty and cheesy taste...luckily we only bought one instead of two pieces. it took us sometime to actually finished it.

*our desert for the nite...best to go to sleep with a full tummy*

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