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Friday, August 31, 2012Y
~*Dazzling Dubai: Day 3*~

abit got used to the weather in Dubai d, it's really not tat bad afterall. jus remember to bring umbrella and drink loads of water and run to any available shade possible. today was the last day on the big bus...blue route it is...we hop-on to the bus on the 2nd stop: Burjurman and went straight to the 3rd stop: Jumeirah Mosque. Besides being one of the largest and most beautiful mosque in Dubai, it's the only mosque in the country which is open to non-muslim. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural understanding conducted Jumeirah Mosque Tour which enable us, non-muslim, to have a better understanding of Islam.

It was such a coincidence that we were on time for the talk as the tour only conduct on every saturday, sunday, tuesday and thursday at 10am and if we were to take the blue route yesterday, we won't be able to attend the tour. we had to wait for the big bus to arrive but luckily the Dubai Government is so great, they actually built an air-conditioned bus stop!

love it...i don even mind waiting for the bus for 30 minutes. 4th stop: Mercato Mall. it's the first themed shopping mall in Dubai infact in the middle east and UAE. Mercato is based on a distinctive Renaissance architectural concept which gives a very Italian feel.

I then found out that the meaning of Mercato in Italian means market. so this 'marketplace' houses unique shops but i only did my window-shopping there. 5th stop: Jumeirah Beach Park: the name says it all...HOT...SKIPPED but you can get real great view of the Burj Al-Arab.
6th stop: Jumeirah Public Beach...great view of the Burj Al-Arab but like i said... beach = hot = skipped. 7th stop: Souk Madinat Jumeirah which is a great place to shop for souvenirs and not to forget a good place to capture shots of the Burj Al-Arab.

*reminds me of Prince of Persia game*

*sheesahs for sale*

Initially we thought we could just pay an entrance fee to get into Burj Al-Arab but apparently it's not the case now. we will either hav to dine or stay there. However, it's already too late to make a reservation when we were there d so we could only take snap shots of the mighty hotel there. 8th stop: Atlantis on the Palm...it is a man-made island created on reclaimed land. It's actually one of the 3 Palm projects. The Palm Jumeirah is the smallest of the three palm islands namely Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira. we had to drive through the tunnel inorder to get to the island to the Hotel Atlantis.
Here are some features of the resort:
Aquaventure: which is a 42-acre waterpark
The Lost Chambers: it's like an underwater park where you can experience the underwater world with 65,000 sea creatures
Dolphin Bay: also known as the Dolphin Education Centre
Ambassador Lagoon: which houses over 100 of species of marine life and can be seen from the Ossiano restaurant...more stories on this.
Spa and Fitness Centre: wat more can i say about this relaxing place?
Aquatic Gardens: if you are into windsurfing then this is the place for you
The Avenues: what is a resort without shopping?
Sanctuary: ultra-chic nightclub where you can party till your leg breaks.
our original plan is jus to spend an hour in atlantis as we will be coming back tomorrow to spend the whole day there however, there was a change of plan. we decided to jus change our dinner at Ossiano and not come back to Atlantis tomorrow. Luckily we were managed to change everything on time and had to dash to Mall of the Emirates to get our attire and shoes for the dinner as it's a fine dining and we need formal wear. we were only left with 3 hours to get everything from head to toe. i even had to go to the dior counter to borrow their eye liner and had to go to Body shop and use their eye shadow. quite sad. but at least we managed to get back to Atlantis on time and get changed and ready for our dinner.
*dress: forever 21, shawl: h&m, shoes: aldo, makeup: courtesy of dior and bodyshop*

Ossiano is the gourmet's choice of dining venue and the perfect location for an intimate dining experience, with an extensive set menus and a great ambiance with the views of the Atlantis's Underwater Ambassador Lagoon and it's 65,000 marine animals. a great venue to be having dinner with ur loved one.
*before entering the restaurant*

* mesmerized by the Amethyst wall*

*jus so high-tech*

*our drinks*

*our amuse bouche*

*i love the butter...it's so buttery and creamy*

*Yellow Tail Tartar: Spanish salsa, baby cucumber, coriander and chili infused watermelon consomme*

*Tiger Prawn Gratin: Celeriac puree, lobster sabayon*

*Sea Bream "A' la plancha*

*Coconut Parfait: Pineapple puree, sesame brittle*

*Vanilla Pannacotta: Rooibos sorbet, honey jelly and berry foam*

*really love the bar*

*good nite Atlantis*

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