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Wednesday, August 15, 2012Y
~*Happy Birthday to my dearest hubby*~

it is always a headache to think of where to bring my hb out for dinner for his birthday cause we have been eating out so often so most of the places are not tat 'special' anymore so i came out with a brilliant idea of cooking dinner for him instead and in the comfort of home. this might seem to be a really simple task for most people but it's a major project for me. i was going to plot a gantt chart for this preparation.

here's the list of things which needs to be done within the 10 days time frame:
1) choosing wat dishes to cook (i'm not a great cook and this is the most major problem...had to go online and search for easy to cook recipe) and some i had to think of the recipe myself and improvise.
2) decorations: went to hunt for nice plates and cutlery for the dinner. had to preorder the helium balloons and new table cloth. not to forget candles and rose petals which will add some romantic feeling to the ambiance.
3) wat is a romantic dinner without red wine? had to get it all delivered all the way from seria.
4) getting the ingredients: another major headache. was hunting for wagyu beef, went all the way to Serusop (Tiara Maju) to look for it but then it was sold out and had to wait for Sept for their next shipment. then luckily a fren told me to look for it in SnoFood and fortunately i found it. i'm not a beef person so i can't distinguish between a good wagyu or bad. as long as it states there it's wagyu i can't be bothered d. then it's the portabello mushroom...the one in supa save gadong doesn't hav it so i had to go mabohai to get it.
*loving this kitchen equipment which made my day alot easier...mushroom soup was cooked in 10 minutes*

5) prawns...OMG...the worst headache of all...it's jus so hard to get nice big prawns here in brunei. and the market place and me are jus not frens...i hate going to the market cause it's really wet and dirty and the smell of the seafood is jus * indescribable* i donno wat stormed me to go to the Seafood Restaurant in Jerudong to buy fresh tiger prawns from them. lucky for me they have it.
*FYI, one of the prawns feel into the drain when the guy was trying to net it out, i really hope they don take the prawn out from the drain and sell it again...EWWW*

*the waiter is so good, he helped me removed all the unnecessary scary parts of the tiger prawns*

6) de cake...had to go to Olivia's place and get some assistance from her and Chu on how to bake Marble Cheese Cake. unfortunately it was a failure cause i purchased the wrong type of whipping cream and we had to come up with Plan B: Fruit Cheese Cake.
7) songs!! how can i forget songs for a nice dinner? this i had to download like urgently...thanks to google and the key word: top 100 romantic songs and 4shared.com. so this task was done in a jiffy. BUT...i thought i've saved all the songs into my pen drive but then it's all gone. so i had to quickly redownload it all again.
8) side dishes: mash potatoes and stuffed mushrooms...one of the easiest things to make.
*the baby potatoes before it's mashed...reason why i boiled 5 cause whenever i make mashpotato, i will end up eating some of them*

*small shrimps which will give some hint of sweet taste*

*minced chicken*

*the combo*

*before putting it inside the oven*

*garlic bread*

as you can see i'm so busy preparing hence there weren't much pictures taken, jus a few bits here and there.
*the mess which i made...this is only the dry kitchen...wait till u see the other kitchen*

*the center piece without the balloons*

*the final deco*

*card and angpow (from his parents)*

*i had to write this menu very last minute when i'm really sure that everything is done and prepared*

now for the dishes...*clap clap*
*Baked Stuffed Mushroom with Minced Chicken & Shrimp topped with Parmesan Cheese*

*Cream of Portabello Mushroom Soup*

*Pan-seared Wagyu Beef with Homemade Mash Potato*

*mushroom sauce for the beef*

*mine: medium*

*his: medium rare*


*i hope he is happy with all the preparations*

*the birthday cake with minimal deco*

*another year older*

*loving the balloons*


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