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Tuesday, August 07, 2012Y
~*home-cooked Korean Food*~

Though there are quite a handful of Korean restaurants to date but this home-cooked Korean Food is simply delicious. located at No.25, Simpang 74-41-13-20, Jalan Mata-Mata which serves one of the best BBQ pork tat i've ever tasted.

You will have to call them to make advanced booking cause they only serve one table each nite. You will have to preorder the food a day before the dinner. Here's our menu for the nite.

i'm not sure how accurate this news is but i was told tat this was the exact same owner for the Korean restaurant which was located in Mata-Mata near the Horticultural Place and some said that it's the ex-owner of Yum Yum in Kiarong. According to some sources, they will be opening in Batu Bersurat sometime next month but it will be halal so the delicious pork won't be served anymore.
*feels so like home*

*the variety of kimchis*

*all set and ready to nom nom*

*teok bbok gi (rice cake with chili and some ramen*

*pumpkin pancake*

*stir fried squid with veggies*

*soya garlic sauce fried chicken*

*succulent pork...so juicy and nice*

*BBQ Pork*

*me still trying to do my full lotus pose...epic fail*

*kimchi stew with pork*

*all full and contented*

muahz & hugz
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