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Wednesday, August 08, 2012Y
~*NBT Treasure Hunt 2012*~

i know this blog post is abit outdated, well maybe 'abit' is an understatement but it's better late than never rite? the treasure hunt was quite tiring cause we had to wake up as early as 4am in the morning, arguably the best time to sleep and wat's making it worst is tat the previous nite we had to participate in the HSBC walk, run, cycle which had already taken heaps of energy from me. i felt i was sunk into the bed the moment the alarm rang at 4am. didn't even wanna get myself out of bed. but luckily my hb managed to wake me up and pulled me out of bed. We were both betting tat Hsien Chun will most probably be the last one of arrive at my place but we were wrong! we underestimated him, to our suprised, he was the first to be knocking on my door.
we packed all our belongings, food, water all into the car and off to our first destination! ICC. when we arrived, there were alot of people there. it was mentioned tat some of them came as early as 12am! crazy people. if we knew we would hav camped in the car right after our walkaton. *just kidding* we are not tat enthu yet.

*this is the largest i can get for this image, i can't even spot myself it in*

*this is the most hilarious thing tat Auntie Winnie packed for steph. she said that we might need it cause we might use too much brain power or we are jus causing too much headache for each other...hence panadol*

there was a huge sea of people wearing the cartoon-themed tshirt which was given by NBT. All of them were loitering around the front entrance of the ICC and waiting for the hunt to start. We flag off around 6.30am and our first task was to get all the 7 dragon ball stickers from 7 different locations.
*not easy collecting all these 7 stupid lousy stickers, the 7 locations include, NBT Berakas, Times Square, Grand City, BSM Building, Taman Riadah Tasik Sarubing, The Mall and Taman Jubli Perak*

we then need to return this completed sticker form back to the Lexus showroom in Gadong where we will be given another set of task to complete.
*we were given this power-up card for completing the sticker form on time*

next up are more physical activities which they named it Car-Toon Challenges:
1) Toonies at the olympics (Bkt Shahbandar) - where we hav to perform 30-45 seconds of synchronized swimming and all the members hav to take part in it.
2) Cartoon Hall of Fame (Taman Rekreasi Hutan Berakas) - all of us we were 10 black and white pictures showing different parts of cartoon characters and we will hav to guess which is which. i think this is the easiest one. we hav no problem with it or should i say i totally hav no problem with it. eventhough it was black and white, i still managed to distinguish between whether the cartoon character is actually bubbles or buttercup from Powerpuff girls.
3) Captain America's Boot Camp & Wolverin Unleashed (Pantai Muara) - there are two challenges to be done and 2 members to take part in each of these.
The hunt was really punishing completed with loads of physical and mental challenges. However, we did manage to answer some of the questions correctly but we didn't win anything in return. None the less, it was really an enjoyable experience with a great group that i have. We shall be participating it again next year...GO GO GO 20th NBT Treasure Hunt 2013!!
4) Goofy's Head Putt and Hercules' Chariot Race (Pantai Tungku) - these also requires two members on each challenges.
5) Can you toon in? (Visitor's Lounge beside JIS Arts Centre) - this is one of the most easiest challenges whereby we only need to listen to some sound which is made by the cartoons and we will hav to guess the cartoon.

we managed to clock in about 2 mins late. alot better than wat we expected. i thought we were an hour late but surprisingly we are still okie.
*after the lunch*


*our driver is jus too tired...he slept during the announcement of the lucky draws and the winners, i think he's jus too tired of being in the car with 3 girls for 12 hours*

*no idea how i got all these bruises*

muahz & hugz
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