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Saturday, August 11, 2012Y
~*Sungkai Dinner Part Infinity*~

i've been so many sungkai dinner recently that i truly lost count. i only took merely a pic or two cause i was too hungry for food and couldn't be bothered to spare a few secs to hold the phone to take pics. so i decided to jus do a brief summary of places which i've been but have yet to be posted on this blog.

1) Grazie Mauri
One of the most recommended places with jus a price of B$19 you can have the Eat-All-You-Can which ranges from a huge range of food from appetizers like sauteed prawns to pasta, pizza, mains which include lamb shank, sirloin and the most important desserts like Fantasia de Maria and Tiramisu are also included in the promotion. The potion given were quite good too not those small small ones.

2) Excapade Sushi (Gadong)
Seriously now, who can ever forget to have their Sungkai at least once in Excapade when they are having SCB promotion with discount up to 30% with SCB card? We chose to celebrate Jeremy's birthday there and ordered ala carte instead of buffet. i know they hav a huge variety in the buffet line but with the discount of 30% off the total bill, it will amount to the same as well and we get to choose wat we really wanna eat. very worth it.
*the 'family', we are always using maddie as a 'prop' cause she simply adorable. like a doll*

*the cake which Pei Wui baked...it tasted as good as it looks*

*barely making it into the pic...n my hb got cut off too*

3)Savy's Brasserie (Mabohai)
One of my favorite western restaurants so i was having high expectations for the food there. The buffet line didn't hav much choices which was a great disappointment. The dessert corner only has 5 selections of dessert. Since it was priced @ B$18, i should hav kept my expectations low cause the prices in Savy's are always quite expensive.
*the appetizers*

*my arrangements of the appetizers on the stylo plate*

*the soup...name was too fanciful tat i couldn't remember*

*fancifully named but tasted jus normal*

*the only thing i loved tat nite...had two of these*


4) Goldiana Cafe and Lounge (Orchid Garden Hotel)
i guess this has got to be one of the best sungkai places. They hav alot of varieties and the food is good too. They hav different stalls preparing food like red/white tom yum soup, pasta, freshly made murtabak (with egg or plain), (apom balik), etc.

*the clam stall...didn't try this though*

*the pasta stall with selections of tomato based or carbonara*

*the buffet line*

*another section of the buffet line. they even hav chinese herbal chicken*

*selection of desserts*

*feels like home...i miss penang*

*fried fritters*

*the murtabak stall*

*the red hot tom yum soup*

*my favorite stall*

*this is a must try...the soup kambing!! i had two big bowls. love it when it' pipping hot*


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