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Wednesday, September 12, 2012Y
~*anticipating for iphone 5!!!*~

Tick tock tick tock…I’m really anticipating for the launch of iPhone5!!! I thought it was going to be launched today but I forgot that there’s time difference and hence I will only know the features of the long awaited iphone tomorrow!!! *pulls hair* There are a lot of leaked photos of the expected iphone5 but I’m not going to have high hopes on the design of the iphone 5 as there wasn’t much difference between the 3gs and 4 as well. So I guess the new iphone 5 won’t be of much difference. There will definitely be a home button and maybe a wider screen. Will it be this?

or this?

or even this?
or none of the above??

Rumour has it that there will be a possible redesign of the iphone 5 earphones. Now this is what I really need a new pair of earphones…mine is near to dead d.
But there’s one thing which I hope which is not true…the new iphone5 cable!! Which will have a smaller USB dock connector (a 9 pin connector or possibly only 8-pins)!!

So what am I going to do with the bundles of spare wires which I have? I practically can go to any part of the house and get my iphone charged but if this is true then I will need to buy somemore extra wires…CHINA here I come!!! I need cheap cables.

As for now, let's see how true all the predictions are...wait and anticipate...


muahz & hugz
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