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Wednesday, September 05, 2012Y
~*Dazzling Dubai: Day 4*~

Today is our 'free and easy' day as we have not much activities planned, basically jus walking around and spending quality time in Dubai. First stop...Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. i've been collecting Hard Rock Cafe tshirts since ages ago, donno what so great about it but then i jus like it. The Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai is located just off Bay Bridge at Festive Centre which is quite a distance from our hotel. Apparently, the Hard Rock Cafe was actually shut down and reopened on November 2011. Luckily i came jus in time. After grabbing a few things from Hard Rock Cafe, we headed off to Dubai Outlet Mall which takes about 25-30 minutes from Festive Centre. i wouldn't recommend tourists to go IF you do not have ample time as there's nothing much to buy and the price is not much of a difference. We loitered in Dubai Outlet Mall for around 2 hours or so before we headed back to the hotel to take a wonderful nap till the sunsets and headed to Ibn Battuta.
*their air-conditioned bus stops...LOVES*
We were quite adventurous to try their metro there.
*finally found it*

*tickets purchased...success*

*nicest metro i've ever seen*

*felt like i'm going into some underwater park entrace*

well it's not tat difficut as everything has english translation. Their metro is slightly different from that in other countries. they have a separate gold class and economy class. as well as a cabin jus for ladies IF you don wan to squeeze with those men with pungent perfume. i really can't stand their perfume smell!! imagine sweet mixed with arabic perfume *faints*

it takes about nearly an hour to get to Ibn Battuta even by using metro. i won't wan to imagine how long it will take using taxi. Ibn Battuta is a themed mall which is based on the traveller by the name Ibn Battuta...hence the name. The architecture of each of the malls six courts reflects a region of his travels:

The multi-cultural atmosphere of the mall is spectacular and a visit here is highly recommended. It's definitely better than Terminal 21 in Bangkok. Themed malls managed to make the shopping environment more enjoyable and exciting.

1st stop: Andalusia Court

*roar...i was as hungry as a lion there*

*hence the corn in cup...there hav different flavouring powders to mix with corn but i wasn't tat adventurous to try them...stick to the basics...salt & butter*

2nd Stop: Tunisia
i love the ceiling at Tunisia Court...felt like i was in Caesar's Palace.

3rd Stop: Egypt

4th Stop: Persia

*the hello kitty shop which i didn't even walk in*

5th Stop: India

*the India Court holds a replica of the Elephant Clock*

6th Stop: China
Definitely my most favourite stop...it holds a giant chinese junk!!

*look at the length!*

We had our dinner in a Turkish Restaurant, Anatolia Turkish Grill. It was really packed and we had to wait for 30 minutes before we could get seated.
*busy trying to decide wat to order*

*the gigantic 'naan'*

* i love the olives but not the cheese*

*Ali Nazik Kebap: Juicy chunks of tender veal meat on a layer of abaganus and served with fresh pide bread*

*Beyti Kebap: A skewer of ground fresh lamb wrapped with thin dough and served with yogurt and a cute dressing of tomato sauce, ghee and pistachio*

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