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Monday, September 17, 2012Y
~*iPhone 5 vs Samsung S3*~

I'm sure there are millions of articles which are doing this comparison d. and thousands of articles complaining about how stupid iPhone has to use NanoSim instead of the MicroSim. Well seriously, only iPhone has the power to do it. Do you think all the telcos in the world will even be bothered if it was LG or other mobile phone brands which launches the NanoSim? It's only iPhone who has the power to do this and make such a big impact.

People are complaining about how simple the iPhone was as compared to the the S3? then i stumbled upon a website and saw this really cute image which i think is so true!! except for the fact that it says that iPhone has no functions..WRONG...
looking at the black slate design which iphone5 has, it's definitely alot classier than the S3 which looks rather plastic. function wise i will think both of these phones hav similar functions so it's jus another war between iOS vs Android. honestly, it really depends on what individuals need. all the specs doesn't mean much, at the end of the day it's between a rolex and a g-shock rite? ;P
*so avenger fans, will it be thor or hulk?*


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