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Thursday, October 11, 2012Y
~*boot lickers n arse kissers*~

If u r asking me wats the difference between these two? They r both literally the same hate-able level. Wat more if both of these qualities exist one person? Well this topic is about general office politics. Hav been watching so much Hong Kong drama about how all these people could climb and make their way up to the corporate ladder really quickly. While those who really work their arse off and couldn't be bothered to boot lick will jus stay the same. It's rather irritating to see how 'blak' (boot lickers n arse kissers for short) can always work their way passed any problems with their fantastic story switching skills and being mr I-am-so-innocent look.

Sad to say these 'blak' so exist in the real world too. Whether or not it exist in Ur company or not depends on one's luck. It might take a while for you to identify who is the 'blak' in Ur company but it is vital tat u know who, cause it is jus like identifying a pest which is causing all Ur crops to die in the farm. Pretty bad example of a 'blak' but they r really as irritating as pest.

One important key note, 'blak' do not necessary jus exist in the office. They do exist in families too! Some children or in-laws who r trying to be a 'blak' so tat they can gain favoritism to capture the hearts of their parents to somehow hopefully wished tat they could get more inheritance of any kind( jus like how Hong Kong dramas are). Hence from all these commotions I've seen in life I've really decided tat of I were to hav a child I would only wan to hav one child rather than two or more children. I don see the point of having two children jus because one child will be too bored. I grew up as the only child and I don even felt bored by not having any siblings. In fact it's so much better knowing tat I don even need to share my toys with others (selfishness?...NOT) as parents u won't hear cries of 'he/she stole my toy, I wan it back: *insert cries and beating sound'

And I'm sure most of the second child will hav to wear most of the clothings of the eldest child which I felt is quite unfair for the second child but it's life. Someway or another comparisons will always be made between children and it's always so stressing. Imagine even having to perform urself at home. How stressed can tat be? Well all these r jus my personal opinion and views at 2 am in the morning but one thing for sure i am always firm with the idea of jus having one child cause I jus wanna give him or her the best. Not shared love. I don believe when people tell me tat their love for their children r always equally shared. How can love ever be measured and how can they know tat it has been equally shared?


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