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Monday, October 01, 2012Y
~*finally the month of october*~

towards the last trimester of the year, time really flies. i know i haven't been blogging much lately and last time i used to blame it on my iphone4 for not being able to take nice clear pics to blog but now with the new whitey, i was not able to deliver an interesting blog post too. guess i'm jus god damn lazy. 
Yesterday was the mid-autumn festival, we settled for a quiet dinner with close family frens at Koryo Korean Restaurant, how i wish i could hav a lantern and walk around the neighbourhood like how we used to do it during our uni days. 

One major event which happened last week was Chris's departure to UK to continues his studies, so we decided organize a surprise dinner for him at his favourite chinese restaurant, Thiam Hock. Our inital on the 16th September, then cause something came up so we shifted it to 23rd September, unfortunately Steph will be away for business trip and thus it's again postponed to another date...25th September. The best thing about these postpones was that Mariah was also back in Brunei for a short trip. What a coincidence.
I'm gonna miss this BFF of mine for one whole year. Have an enjoyable life in UK!! hugz

muahz & hugz
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