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Thursday, October 18, 2012Y
~*quiet anniversary dinners*~

1st Anniversary Dinner: 15th October 2012 (officially wedded for a year)
we didn't plan anything much this year for our anniversary. decided to postpone it to next year instead as both of us are really busy hence we jus decided to go for a simple dinner. we dropped by V.lo at kiarong but they hav some private function going on so it was fully booked hence we changed our venue to Sorriso instead. 

*who wanna invite me for a dinner here? i really love the deco...*

i didn't even know Sorriso expanded their business, now the restaurant is occupying two shop lots. pretty impressive since they only started slightly more than a year ago. i really prefer Sorriso to Grazie Mauri or Prego Mauri. I think the last time i step foot to Grazie Mauri was when i sent the mushroom soup back to the kitchen. it was horrible. they should really improve on the ingredients used. Sorriso on the other hand is really far better. i used to love the tiramisu at the Mauris but now i prefer the ones at Sorriso instead.
*magic mushrooms*
*my cannelloni which was jus rite for my appetite*

*lobster filled ravioli*
we didn't order much tat nite, jus some magic mushroom, my cannelloni and hb's ravioli. we wanted creme brulee for dessert but it was sold out.   

2nd Anniversary Dinner: 16th October 2012 (legally wedded for two years)
yes, our second try to the V.lo restaurant again. u know how people are, if they can't hav it they will sure wan to try it. the deco of the restaurant is really unique with box crates used as tables and zinc deco on the wall. very warehouse feel.
*unique indeed*

*a bar counter where the customers can sit and chill*

*my order of mushroom soup, i can't decipher wat's the writing on the soup was supposed to be. someone please help*

*i love the chicken wings especially the crispy chicken skin and the chili sauce is really spicy*

*my sweet and sour chicken rice*

they serve a huge variety of menu which ranges from lamb chops to mee mamak and chinese food as well. but i was into chinese recently hence i ordered rice. hubby ordered salty egg chicken with rice but i was too hungry to even bother to take a pic of the food to show. i love the sauce of the salty egg chicken. will definitely order tat in my next visit.

Before i end the post, here's some snapshot of Ah lu's and Francis's birthday. Each and every year they both celebrate their birthday together except for last year cause Ah lu was in Penang and we get to celebrate it with him there.
*total of 8 boxes of pizza, thank god for the double tuesday promotion at pizza hut*

*where else but Bakerlyn and wat else but fruit cake...everyone's favourite*

*the birthday men again*

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