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Monday, October 15, 2012Y
~*My Wedding Part 1: Pre-wedding nite*~

This is seriously a very delayed post which should be posted exactly a year ago. Well as this is going to be my wedding day, tea ceremony me wedding dinner posts so i will hav to split it into few posts instead of cramming all into one as it will be so hectic for me to type too as there r quite a huge number of photos tat I will wanna post on the blog. As today is our one year wedding anniversary (officially wedded I mean) so I guess this is the best time to post this up.

When we announced to our colleagues, frens and relatives tat r close to us tat our r going to hav a small wedding banquet in Penang they were all quite supportive. At first I was afraid tat none of them or a few of them will up but fortunately most of them could make it to Penang. Some of them even made an effort to book it almost a year in advance. Since they were all so nice to fly all the way to Penang jus for my wedding, I've decided to at least plan a day tour after my wedding and pick up shuttle bus from the airport so tat it will be more convenient for them. Hence my wedding dinner actually turned out to be an event held from 14th October to 16th October. Itinerary was also prepared and given out together with the wedding cards.

Both me n my Hb flew to Penang on the 13th jus a day before most of my guests will arrive. I think I'm one of the most relaxed bride cause I've got parents who will prepare everything for me so I jus hav to make my grand entrance. Arrangements from breakfast on the wedding day, going to the temple, day tour n dinner etc were all already arranged by my parents, my Yee Yee n uncle foo.

Most of my relatives from Canada, Australia, east Malaysia n Brunei arrived on the same day as me n hence we went for a small family gathering dinner at dragon-I which was jus located next to ghotel.
*while everyone was busy ordering, we r busy cam-whoring*

I think I was beginning to feel the pre-marital syndrome on the eve of my wedding. I couldn't even sleep well tat nite n woke up quite early to start my busy day as I will hav to get my wedding gowns from de Santia, settle all my guests and make trip to the airport to pick the rest of my guests up. 
*last fitting of my wedding gown*

*i know it's a mess but who cares*

Organizing the rooms wasn't a big hassle cause everything was already well prepared when I was in Brunei. Jus hav to so final confirmation of it. By evening, the atmosphere at ghotel felt as though as I was back in Brunei. 
*i guess this is the one and only pic of me and Siew Wei, honestly i donno where she disappeared*

Seemed like every corner I walk around gurney plaza I'm sure to bump into one of my guests. Choosing ghotel over the eastern n oriental hotel for my wedding banquet was a great choice as the location is great. It's jus a few steps from the gurney plaza and wats better it jus walking distance to gurney drive and there r quite a number of pubs where they can chill out.

Went back to my grandpa's house before dinner starts. my wedding car was nicely decorated and i was hoping it doesn't rain tat nite and the next day. 
Mum and the 'tai kum jie (tkj)' (I Donno wats the lady called in English but she's supposed to know all those Chinese wedding customs) was busy preparing for all the things needed for my 'shiong tau' at 12 midnite while I was waiting for my chi muis to arrive so tat we can finalize the games for the guys. 

My chi muis r so great, they went to buy everything tat was needed and all I need to do is jus to freeze the keys. 
*mish looked so cute and pinkish*

*my lovely chi-muis*

Started the classic wedding ritual by having to shower myself with the fresh flower water from head to toe. Then the 'tkj' came into the room n get me changed into my pink silk pajamas. my hb has to wear the exact one but in maroon. the 'tkj' told us that we should wear these pajamas for three consecutive nites. there are jus so many 'pantang-pantang' that we hav to follow till Chris thinks we should actually be filmed in National Geographic for most traditional wedding in the modern times.

*as u can see i was busy ipad-ing but the lady came in and helped me to powder my face and use the traditional facial method which uses the string to remove facial hair*

*the setup*

*this is how i'm going to sleep throughout the nite!!*

that's the pre-wedding nite so my dear readers will hav to wait for my wedding day, tea ceremony, wedding dinner posts when i'm free to write. stay tuned. :)


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