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Friday, November 02, 2012Y
~*B-Mobile New Headquarters Grand Opening*~

i definitely have a valid reason why i have been on hiatus, as i was super busy preparing for the grand opening of our new headquarters. There will be a opening ceremony dinner which is going to be held tomorrow nite, followed by a carnival which will be on the next day from 10am to 4pm. 
I was assigned to be incharge of all the marketing and promotional items of the events so had to much to do and so little time. Backdrop, banners, event booklets, newspaper, invitation cards, posters...so this really gave me a solid reason to be so lazy to blog lately.
anyways, here's how i'm going to be spending my weekend:
friday nite: dry run
saturday morning: installation of the banners and backdrop
satuday nite: grand opening dinner for the invited guests
sunday morning - afternoon: carnival
sunday nite: BBQ dinner for the staff of B-mobile. 

so occupied!! i need a can of red bull for energy *faints* anyways come join the fun on sunday from 10am to 4pm. there will be fun games and activities. Not to forget great prizes to be won!!

muahz & hugz
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