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Friday, November 02, 2012Y
~*happy belated birthday hello kitty*~

for those who doesn't know, hello kitty's birthday is actually on November 1st but i totally forgot about it. how mean of me. so to commemorate such a cutie day, i'll give my readers some facts of my favourite character, none other than HELLO KITTY.

Although she was created in Japan, Hello Kitty lives in London, England. Hello Kitty was the creation of Shintaro Tsuji, a Japanese businessman who, remembering his lonely orphanage childhood, wanted to create a character that could be viewed as a companion and friend. She was named after one of Alice's cats in the book, Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll.

Hello Kitty does not have a visible mouth because she speaks from her heart. Hello Kitty's full name is Kitty White. Even longtime fans don't realise that "Hello Kitty" is not her actual name! Hello Kitty has a twin sister, Mimmy, who is also her best friend. 

You can tell them apart as they wear ribbons on different ears. Hello Kitty wants to be a poet or pianist when she grows up. George and Mary White are Hello Kitty’s parents who love their daughters very much. 

Hello Kitty is in the third grade. She is officially "is as tall as five apples and weighs as much as three apples. "

 Hello Kitty's blood type is A and she owns a pet Mole called Mory. Hello Kitty's best friend at school is a mouse called Joey.

Tippy (the bear) is Kitty's secret admirer. Her greatest hope is to be a poet or pianist when she grows up. Hello Kitty’s favorite bedtime story is Mysterious Forest, and her favorite snack is apple pie made by her mom. Her favorite subjects in school are English, art and music. She uses a tricycle to travel around her neighbourhood. She brushes her teeth with strawberry toothpaste. Her favorite athletic activity is tennis.

Hello Kitty is described as a bright and kind-hearted girl, her twin sister is described as a very shy and girly. Hello Kitty’s papa is described as humorous, dependable but also absent-minded while her mama is portrayed as a good cook who always like to do housework. Hello Kitty’s grandma, Margaret, likes sewing and her grandpa, Anthony likes to tell stories.


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