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Tuesday, November 27, 2012Y
~*Karen's birthday surprise*~

it was quite a rushy surprised tat we had to do for Karen on her birthday as we know she will be busy on the actual day hence we all came up with an idea to go to her house with a cake and give her a surprise. everything was already well planned, going to park the car at nazmi and get her bro to open the gate for us so everything is jus perfect. then only at 6.30pm on the nite of the surprise, Jo said that there is a major change of plans cause Karen will be going to her colleagues place for some gathering. OMG. wat to do now?? *panic attack* 

luckily with the help of her bro we managed to hav plan B which is to go to Modesto and surprise her instead. now the next question...how to make our entrance?? 1) from the modesto front door...too obvious 2) from the modesto kitchen??...too weird 3) from shabulicious...best idea cause karen was jus sitting near the door which connects Modesto and Shabulicious.
*us before we made the entrace*

the candles were lit and the door was opened, we could see the stunned face on karen's mum then the birthday song was sung. teary karen was so surprised to see us there...guess our surprise was a huge success *clap clap*

*all surprised and teary* awww*

*make a wish*cute guys please all appear in Krabi*

*the guys were not in and we were missing Mariah too*

i had to rush home cause my mum jus got back from Penang and guess wat?? she tapaued CHAR KOEY TEOW!! yummy. we reheat the CKT and it still tastes marvelous...this plate of reheat CKT can easily beat the best CKT in the whole of brunei! Penang CKT ROCKS!!! rocks my taste-bud. hehe. 


muahz & hugz
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