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Thursday, November 01, 2012Y
~*my long weekend*~

the long weekend tat i was hoping for is finally here. jus when i thought i would be having a boring normal long weekend and on my sofa like a couch potato and not going to lift a single finger to do anything besides pressing the remote control of the TV, my fren Martin called me and told me tat he's going to be in Brunei for the long weekends. well at least something entertaining for me to do.

i think i really love to bring my frens to Kaizen waterfront for dinner, i personally prefer the food there rather than the one at excapade and it has nicer ambiance by overlooking the famous Kampung Ayer. Martin and his gf decided to follow us back to Seria on Friday morning but before tat we stopped by Country Patch for our breakie. If not for Martin, who wouldn't hav realized tat our dear fren Benji actually looks like the famous hongkong singer William so. It was hilarious how mish was trying to snap a pose which is similar to tat of William.

*don u think they really look alike...

it's a stressing thing to be bringing visitors to seria, i really donno where to bring them except for universal cafe for tea, the billionth barrel monument to see the decreasing number of nodding donkeys, *long pause*, tat's about it. the chinese restaurants in seria are horribly awful. sad to say i have to use the words 'horribly awful' to describe the chinese restaurants in seria. Overall, I really think the Belait district should hav more nice edible Chinese restaurants. On top of my head all I could think of is jus Jolene restaurant in kb. tat's like my favourite chinese restaurant in belait district to date.

jus a glimpse, and my long awaited weekend is coming to an end. Celebrated my beloved daddy's birthday at Prego Mauri. Jus a quiet family dinner and poor daddy of mine only got a birthday card from us. well can't blame me cause i was supposed to go to singapore to grab daddy's present but the trip was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances :p
*and yes i know the cake is rather boring too...will make it up to you next year k, papi...muahz*

*de 4.5 pax family pics*

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