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Wednesday, November 07, 2012Y
~*Yugo BBQ and Shabu Shabu Restaurant*~

i know currently there is an outburst of shabu shabu restaurants in bandar like the Trio Hotpot in Regent Square, Shabulicious in Batu Bersurat, Shinobu in Times Square and now an addition to the shabu shabu family...Yugo. Located along the shop lots in Gadong Central, this cosy place not only serves shabu shabu but BBQ as well. They are currently not officially opened so business they are currently only serving for dinners.

*the color theme is similar to tat of the Ice Bar but i prefer the seating here, more comfy*

Picked Feli up from Centerpoint then went to join Eve and Mish for dinner. i didn't take much pictures cause i was already famished when i arrived there. i really love the fish paste which Mish ordered. yes i know i don hav any picture of tat but the taste is good cause it doesn't have the fishy smell. 
*ordered the traditional chicken soup base. the chicken soup is alot better than the chicken soup served in the Ice Bar in Kiulap. i'm still looking for a restaurant which can serve me the 'Coca' chili sauce. yes i'm a traditional chinese which will usually opt for soya sauce and garlic as my dips*

*marinated chicken drumsticks. they hav marinated chicken fillet but i prefer drumsticks cause the meet is more tender and this is for BBQ*

*the mini set which was shared between Eve and Mish*

wat other best weather to eat shabu shabu than on a rainy nite? since it has been raining so often at nite so why not opt for this as your next dinner destination. so please book : +6738785398.

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