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Thursday, December 13, 2012Y
~*Busy busy sunday*~

my sundays are usually the most relaxing day with no activities going on but last sunday was so jammed packed. parents are up in bandar and hence we had to hav brunch with them in All Seasons in Times Square then went home to take a nap before we had to rush to Savy's in Mabohai for Eve's Surprise Birthday hightea. The original plan was supposed to be a dinner instead but since most of us can't make it so we had to reschedule everything to afternoon. well, it wasn't much of a surprise cause she was able to notice our cars all parked there. 
*the birthday girl*

*looked so dead without my eye makeup...overslept*

*the girls*

*the guys and eve*

*the group in our animal-print attires*

*this is such an unglam picture that michelle took when both of us were busy playing Hay Day...such an addictive game which i'm so hooked for weeks d*

after the hightea i had to rush home to shower and prepare myself for Marlia's wedding at Bridex. luckily it was a malay wedding so punctuality is not that important. we were late when we arrived but the bride came in 30 minutes later. so we were still considered early. *aiks*

*mykey, me and teena*

*the group*

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