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Tuesday, December 25, 2012Y
~*christmas eve dinner 2012*~

This year we had a little bit toned down Christmas dinner with my hubby's side of the family at the atrium in empire cause his eldest sis was back and I guess empire has the best Christmas ambiance in Brunei. It's was really nice for empire to be providing dining customers Christmas novelties like this really cute Christmas hat.

It's really of quite good quality as compared to those I normally get from previous Christmas dinners. It really does hype up the Christmas feeling. Wat better thing to do than to take loads of pictures the buffet was okie. Not bad but not too great either cause was quite disappointed with the turkey roll. Was expecting a big whole turkey with cranberry sauce!

And of course it's more pictures taking session. I'm glad I got this instant camera at the right time as it's the time when I can make full use of it with so many festive activities going on. Got this festive Christmas film from a shop at the mall for $19. Quite pricey but luckily mum went to spore to get me few more boxes of films at cheaper price. If not mistaken she told me she got the cartoon ones at $13 and the plain ones at $8.

There were actually more pics taken but unfortunately there were all taken using my hubby's s3. And the next day his phone was unable to detect the SD card and hence all the pics were lost. Jus some of them left. Sob sob. Lesson learnt: never trust a Samsung! iPhone still the best. iPhone rules.
Merry Christmas 2012 to all my readers!!! Hugz


muahz & hugz
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