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Tuesday, December 18, 2012Y
~*My Christmas Wish-list*~

as you know christmas is just round the corner and just in case some kind hearted people who wans to splurge out some money to buy gifts for me. so i've prepared a list of things which i don mind to see underneath the christmas tree this year.

1) Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 *GOT IT*
*hello kitty instax which i also donno why i wan it. i know i wanted it since ages ago but then i haven't find a good reason to actually get this so if the kind someone who wanna get me a present i won't mind receiving this as a gift so at least when it's thrown at a corner one day it won't hurt tat much as paying for it myself*

2) Ipad Mini White (3G+Wifi) 
*mini ipad oh mini ipad...how i hav a love and hate relationship with u.  i really can't find a justification to throw my ipad2 aside. but this is surely a nice gadget to get as a gift... definitely not something i will get it for myself as well*

i guess these are the more realistic wish-list i have. i should do an ultimate heaven wish list when i'm free. let's start off with these two items first. :p 


muahz & hugz
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