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Friday, January 25, 2013Y
~*Bistro Chez Fio*~

don you love to try out new restaurants? there hav been a limited number of nice eateries in brunei so whenever we know there's a new restaurant in town, people will all flock there to try it out. the new place this time is Bistro Chez Fio which is located in Qlap, opposite to Big Mama and same row with the first excapade branch.

the ambiance is really cosy but it is only able to cater up to 40 pax max so it's vital to make a booking before u drop by there. don bother trying your luck cause it's always really packed as they only open from 7am to 2pm.
not sure when they are going to extend their business hours. let's get to the food. we ordered quite a number of dishes to try out.

*roast beef dip sandwich*

*the crave beef burger*

*sweet potato fries*

*seafood chowder - double thumbs up...super love this*

*beef lasagna*

*richmond flat bread*

*sloppy joe*

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