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Tuesday, January 15, 2013Y
~*bye goldie, welcome pinkie*~

so long, farewell it's time to say goodbye to my dear goldie who has long served me diligently. it's jus so durable and i'm not even afraid of getting goldie dirty due to its tarnished goldenish color and the material which goldie was made. oh well. not matter how durable a wallet will be, i will still hav to bid farewell to goldie and welcome my new love pinkie. i've always wanted a pink wallet but couldn't find a nice suitable one. i saw an exact one, the same as goldie but in pink. however i don think i will wanna get the same type of wallet jus in another different color.
*goldie bye bye*
honestly i donno wat to do with my old wallets...any suggestions? for me wallets are not like bags whereby you keep them in closet and once in a while you will still use them again. in most cases or should i say all cases, all my used wallets are just kept back into the closet giving and excuse to myself tat i will still use them at a later date. as of now...let's welcome pinkie *hugz*
*my pinkie*

*i'm a happy ME*

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