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Wednesday, January 16, 2013Y

One would expect this to be another restaurant to join the Shabu craze. But this fun shabushi is actually different in a way as it not only serves Shabu Shabu but it serves sushi as well. 

The menu offers a variety of other fusion dishes like pasta. We were so spoilt for choices and couldn't even decide which to order. My Hb ordered ebi tempura with rice and some other sushi while I ordered my cravings...Shabu Shabu of course.
*hb and his orders*

*chef's homemade soup*

*me and my cravings for shabu shabu*

*the set with homemade fishballs*

The special thing about the Shabu Shabu is this time they only offer one type of sauce. And the sauce is quite nice. It's near to the yummilicious chili sauce in MK, Bangkok.
*the 60% similarity to the sauce in MK restaurant in Bangkok*

The sushi there is okie okie. I'll still prefer sushi from kaizen but then Shabu Shabu is definitely better than alot of other Shabu places in Brunei though it's abit more pricey too.

Ive been so into the food and totally forgot to mention the nice cosy Japanese ambiance of the restaurant. it's comparable to the deco in kaizen waterfront. They offer different seatings like couple seats (which we didnt opt cause I jus felt like a giant if i were to sit inside the couple room), then there's the typical Japanese tatami type of sitting area and the normal Japanese Shabu dining tables.
*the spacious couple room*

*the other sitting options*

Shall not go into too details into the review of the restaurant. U will have to come and give it a try. It's located above Super Save in Gadong central. For reservation call: +6732339999.

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