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Tuesday, January 01, 2013Y
~*new year's eve dinner*~

U know u r getting old when you jus want to hav a quiet sit down dinner rather than clubbing till dawn. I hav to admit I'm rather lazy this year so a simple dinner with my loved ones is the best way to say bye bye to 2012.
Our initial plan was to go to our neighbouring city, Miri but we were afraid of the long queue coming back the next day so it's better to just stay in Brunei. We didn't have much trouble deciding of where to eat as there is only 1 edible western restaurant in the whole of Belait which is Buccaneer. But honestly the food tat nite was rather disappointing. everything was jus too 'fishy' and 'salmony'.

*amuse bouche*
~pan-seared banana, shrimp & coconut foam~
~toasted bread with smoked salmon mousse~
~savory choux pastry~
review: very cheap version of amuse bouche tat i've tasted. the coconut foam is jus ewww and the toasted bread is jus 'meh-ish'

~savoy cabbage rolled smoked salmon & scallop mousse and salmon fillet~
review: yes, it's mousse again. all i can taste is jus the salmon and can't even taste any scallopy taste.

*beef course*
~roasted wagyu rib eye steak & prawns serve with mashed potato and mushroom sauce~
review: hb says the wagyu beef i cooked was way better *flips hair*

*poultry course*
~sutffed chicken breast with mushroom filling & grilled salmon fillet serve with mashed potato and mushroom sauce~
review: the only thing i like about this dish is the corn and the mushroom sauce...YES! IT'S SALMON!!! ewwww

~oreo sundae~
review: wat can go wrong with oreo sundae?

*me and my beloved parents*

*they always say me and my mum look alike? i really don think so.


*the reason why i love instax is somehow ur face always looks blemish free and pimpless*

*let us all welcome the new year 2013*


muahz & hugz
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